Created a cutting edge IoT Water Management Platform

IoT responsive web

The client wanted to create a water management solution that would help users unlock the value in their water usage data. Metrix Systems created a system that’s designed to be the industry hub, bringing in data from multiple brands of devices and providing so many options for accessing and analyzing this data that numerous major players immediately got on board. more

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The “One App Does it All” VAR Management Platform

CRM enterprise

The client wanted to create one tool that would take the place of the many different tools that VARs (Value Added Resellers) historically use to address their information and process management needs. Metrix Systems created a cloud-based platform that allows VARs to seamlessly manage the entire customer relationship, from prospecting to ongoing account management. more

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Pos Pay

Creating a rich restaurant experience inside any venue, from any customer device

iOS android bluetooth beacons

POSPAY wanted to create a seamless location based ordering experience mobile app for customers at restaurants and festivals by providing them with a unique way to order food and beverages at an indoor venue. Metrix Systems created a system (Android & iOS) that uses bluetooth beacons to geographically position itself in a venue and present customers with a branded venue experience where they can purchase items and have them delivered without needing to interact with staff. more

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The Land

Building An Advanced Technology Platform To Power A New Way To Monetize Content

iOS android credit card processing

The client wanted to create a complete digital entertainment and lifestyle ecosystem that would include a way for viewers to purchase the products that are seen in videos and other images, but without leaving the experience of the content they are consuming. Metrix Systems not only delivered the technology to make this happen, we also participated in the business development side of the project as well. more

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Developing an Easy-to-Use Platform that Generates Cost-Effective Seller Leads for Realtors

After seeing first hand that homeowners who want to know the value of their homes are excellent prospects for real estate agents, this client envisioned a better system for capturing and following up on these leads. Metrix Systems brought his vision to life, completing ground-up development of a platform that lets Realtors easily create and manage their own home valuation websites—complete with managed ad campaigns and automated follow-ups. more

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Parts Brothers

Managing 3 E-Commerce Platforms from 1 Website

This client wanted to sell appliance parts on Amazon, eBay and their own e-commerce website. But they didn’t want to have to enter the information into each system separately, and they wanted to be sure that inventory sold on one site would be automatically deducted from the available inventory counts on the other sites. Metrix Systems created a system that seamlessly synchronized all of this for them. more

Standing Firmly

Creating a Website that Motivates Donors to Give

In the past, when alumni and other supporters of Southwestern Oklahoma State University wanted to go online and support the University, they landed on a website with aesthetics that looked like it was for some other school. Where was the mascot? Why wasn’t it in the school colors? Plus, the site did not make it immediately obvious how to give. The university’s Foundation and Alumni Association approached Metrix Systems to revamp the website to change this. more

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