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The client wanted to create a water management solution that would help users unlock the value in their water usage data. Metrix Systems created a system that’s designed to be the industry hub, bringing in data from multiple brands of devices and providing so many options for accessing and analyzing this data that numerous major players immediately got on board.

Subeca provides smart water management solutions for controlling and reducing water use in commercial, institutional, agricultural, landscape and residential settings. Today even utility companies are taking advantage of Subeca’s ability to empower customers with real-time water monitoring, leak detection, valve control and more.


Subeca had developed some excellent hardware, including a patented HydraMeter that installs on a water meter to physically measure water usage, and the HydraLink, which acts as a router to connect multiple devices to the internet. They also had a basic user interface through which users could review the IoT (Internet of Things) data collected by this hardware.

To stand out in the marketplace and truly help their customers unlock the value in their water usage data, Hank McCarrick, Seco Sys’ President, realized that the company needed much more robust software. He envisioned a web platform that would combine an extraordinary user experience with the complex back-end systems necessary to connect numerous field devices, bring in enormous quantities of data, and then present this data in a way that makes it useful. “I was looking for a developer to make this happen when a friend recommended I call Metrix Systems,” McCarrick says. “It was the best advice I ever got, because Metrix Systems understood each component of what needed to be done.”


Metrix Systems got to work creating the mockups and visuals to bring Subeca’s idea to life. It didn’t take long for everyone to realize that having a platform that only worked with Subeca’s hardware was far too limiting. They were on to something that could provide a solution for the entire industry! The vision was expanded, and Metrix Systems developed a water management platform designed to be the vital user interface for all water management devices, not just Subeca’s.


“When people see HydraCommunity, the ‘everything water’ management platform that Metrix Systems developed for us, it puts them to pause because its capabilities are just so amazing,” McCarrick relates.

Major corporations, organizations and utilities – including Caltrans, UCI Medical Center, Pepsi Cola, Brightview and Mission Springs Water District – are already using and loving it.

Through the HydraCommunity platform, users are able to:  

  • Connect all of their water measurement devices to one system – The platform works with devices from numerous brands to remotely monitor water usage in real time.  

  • Review and compare data & maps for every level of granularity – Data is available for everything from branches, customers and properties all the way down to the physical points at which the water is being measured and the individual water measurement devices. The system includes filters, tables, charts, graphs, satellite view maps (with plotting abilities), change logs, comparison options, usage reports, assessments and more.  

  • Nip problems in the bud – Receive a text or email when something is outside of the norm, and then stop the problem before waste becomes catastrophic by turning the water off remotely from any internet-connected device. The system even enables users to create an automated problem escalation system regarding who gets notified in different types of situations.  

  • Upload media to the system – Have videos, pdfs, contracts, specs and other useful property-related information available in one place.

“Working with Metrix Systems has been the best experience I’ve had with resources I engage,” states McCarrick. “They’re not just web developers, they’re business partners. Their broad range of knowledge and their willingness to back us up in the customer service we provide to our customers have made a world of difference for us.”




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