Our technical experience is expansive and our development process is end-to-end. We support each project from its initial conception to production lauch.

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Our technical capabilities

Mobile, Web & Desktop

We develop for all the ways consumers use apps. Whether it’s a website that’s mobile responsive or a snappy native app on iOS and Android, we do it all.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Connecting the physical world to the digital is something we’re already doing. Whether it’s working with location beacons or smart devices, our engineers can do the work.

Analytics & Monitoring

We believe that you can’t improve what you can’t measure so for every project we build in a unique set of tools to measure user analytics, site performance and more.

Digital Signatures

We guarantee that the contents of user communication are not been altered in transit. When our servers digitally sign a document, we add a one-way hash (encryption) of the message content using a public and private key pair.

Video Conferencing/VOIP

Today’s connected world utilizes video conferencing and digital voice communication. We’ve worked on projects that seamlessly integrate all of these features to enhance the customer experience.

Mapping & GeoFencing

With the use of GPS and beacons, we’ve built location-aware applications that turn on/off depending on where the consumer is and what they’re doing. Something that wasn’t possible until a few years ago.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain allows exciting and secure new ways to store and transfer pretty much anything. We’ve worked on projects that harness this technology in creative and innovative ways.


You’ve probably heard of bitcoin, but our customers have use us to create their own currency (or coin) to incentivize their users to perform certain actions on their platform.

Database Design

The way we store data is entirely dependent on customer needs and scale. We use a mixture of relational and non-relational database types depending on the needs of our customers and their users.