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Building An Advanced Technology Platform To Power A New Way To Monetize Content

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The client wanted to create a complete digital entertainment and lifestyle ecosystem that would include a way for viewers to purchase the products that are seen in videos and other images, but without leaving the experience of the content they are consuming. Metrix Systems not only delivered the technology to make this happen, we also participated in the business development side of the project as well.  

The.Land is a digital entertainment and lifestyle ecosystem designed to make it easy for influencers and brands to offer content, products and social media posts to their audiences, and in doing so use a unique mechanism to monetize their online presence.


The founders of this business came to Metrix Systems with an out-of-the-box idea that they knew could truly be a game-changer in the way that celebrities, influencers, brands and others interact with their audiences. “Imagine you’re watching a movie,” they said, “and you wish you could buy the raincoat that the star is wearing, or the cool art piece that is on the coffee table, or any other item that catches your eye. Wouldn’t it be amazing to be able to click on a button, pause the show, and order the item right then and there?”

It was a great idea, and the Metrix Systems team was brought on board to help The.Land develop it and bring it to fruition.


It didn’t take long for The.Land to discover the advantages of working with a firm that has broad expertise in business development as well as technology development, and provides a deep level of engagement in both.

Our first step was to help The.Land flesh out their idea—a task that was accomplished over the course of dozens of meetings. We started by providing advice regarding what was possible from the technology standpoint, as The.Land’s ecosystem would require our development team to create a unique technology platform from scratch.

Next we used our background in e-commerce, business and social media to help create the business plan, determine what was most desirable from the features and usability standpoint, and map out the necessary infrastructure and backend logistics. With our help, the original idea was expanded to make it possible to purchase products directly from any video or photo (not just from movies), even when that video or photo is being viewed from within the user’s Facebook or Twitter feed.

In essence, the Metrix Systems team became The.Land’s team, helping to make all aspects of this unique new digital entertainment and lifestyle ecosystem a success. Hosted investor meetings for The.Land were in the Metrix office, and helped create the brand partnerships necessary to build the initial library of available products.


Once the vision was clear, Metrix Systems successfully built the entire technology platform for The.Land’s ecosystem. This included creating a lot of new technology, such the software behind The.Land’s “Pause & Purchase®” tool. “Pause & Purchase®” lets viewers purchase the products that are seen in videos and other images, but without leaving the experience of the content they are consuming. This breakthrough technology takes instant gratification and content monetization to a new level, all from within a lifestyle and ecommerce model of interaction instead of through ads.

As of this writing, The.Land is in private beta. The system is being tested by a group of A-list celebrities and athletes, all of whom are excited to have this new way of interacting with their followers and monetizing their online presence.

“Working with Metrix Systems has been an incredible experience,” states one of the two co-founders. “Their breadth and depth of knowledge and expertise has been a huge asset. We’re thrilled with the way the Metrix Systems team helped us flesh out our ideas and bring it all to life. And they’re a pleasure to work with, too!”

“A huge bonus of working with Metrix Systems became apparent when we began talking to investors,” adds the other co-founder. “Key members of the Metrix Systems team are ex-Googlers. Being able to tell potential investors that our product was being built by ex-Googlers was a significant advantage. Thanks to the team that is behind it, our product is much easier to invest in.”





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