Transform your software delivery

Blazing fast speeds ... Unlimited scalability ... Simplified infrastructure ... Greater stability and security ... Cloud mobility ... Outstanding reliability.

These are just some of the many benefits you’ll enjoy after we retool and containerize the back-end code of your software product or application for cloud-native architecture. You’ll feel like we took your old “diesel engine” and turned it into a new high-performance electric car!

Take full advantage of cloud computing

While there are many ways that you can use the cloud for software delivery, cloud-native architecture uses container-based environments to truly make the most of what the cloud offers, including cloud mobility and the ability to run your app on any cloud. At Metrix Systems this means we’ll use Docker and Kubernetes to create those containers and then deploy, scale and manage your now-containerized applications.

Shorten the path to the business value

When your application is containerized in Docker, all that it needs from the system is CPU and memory. Everything else that your app needs in order to run—servers, operating systems, databases, programming languages, libraries, etc.—is all defined by code based on an “image” of the desired environment and created inside the container.

Right now, in order to get to the business value, your developers need to think about many things, including:

The Traditional Way

  • Data Center
  • Network
  • Server
  • Operating System
  • Orchestration
  • Your code/ business logic

Switching to containerization and the cloud native approach greatly simplifies your infrastructure. Once Metrix Systems retools your app to take advantage of the cloud native approach, you’ll shed all of that complexity and get things down to the bare minimum:

The Cloud Way

  • Orchestration
  • Your code/ business logic

Now going-forward all your developers will need to think about is using code to orchestrate the infrastructure they need, and writing the code itself.

Easily scale your business

Containerization replaces all of that complex infrastructure with a self-contained eco-system made just for a given application. This self-contained eco-system will run in any cloud, enabling you to simplify your operations across multi-cloud infrastructure.

Combined with the vast capacity of the public cloud (where you only pay for what you use), this modern, serverless approach to computing makes scaling your business as simple as flipping a switch. Scaling your business has never been easier!

Make more things possible

Shifting to a cloud-native approach frees your developers to put all of their energy into writing the code that creates the functions and features that make your customers happy. All of the infrastructure needed to run that code (including instantly doing as many “what if” tests as they want) can be spun up and down in seconds by running a quick script.

As a result, all of your team’s time and energy can now be spent focusing on adding value to your product, without any infrastructure limitations to hold them back.

Once your app has been converted to cloud native, doing the updates and next deployments that add value to your product will be much faster. With the traditional approach, adding a new feature often takes weeks or even months.

The process usually looks something like this:

  • Gather requirements
  • Budget for and deploy additional infrastructure (such as databases)
  • Code
  • Test
  • Make Changes
  • Do user acceptance testing
  • Make Changes
  • Do more testing
  • Deploy to production
  • Get user feedback
  • Repeat entire process until done

Containerizing your back-end code eliminates many of those steps and makes the remaining steps much faster, thereby skyrocketing your ongoing feature velocity.

Here’s what the process looks like now:

  • Gather requirements
  • Code
  • Tweak code-based infrastructure
  • Run what-if tests
  • Deploy to production, to a limited # of users
  • Get user feedback
  • Make Changes
  • Toggle to more user
  • Repeat feedback/change/toggle cycle until feature is toggled to all users

Once your app has been modernized, rolling out a new feature can be done in a matter of days, not weeks. Empower your dev teams to push out new features at lightning speed!

Bring in experts to make the transition for you

For over a decade Metrix Systems has been building cutting-edge cloud-based applications—over 100 cloud implementations in all. Now we’re also using our cloud-native software development expertise to help organizations like yours make the leap from legacy code to modern cloud architecture.

Metrix Systems can:


Re-do and containerize your existing software’s back-end code, without changing the front-end coding and interfaces that are working well for you.

Note: Although occasionally the transition can be a “lift and shift” of your entire existing app into a containerized environment, there are often issues with an app’s coding that make “lifting and shifting” more expensive than building a cloud-native app from scratch.


Develop an effective cloud strategy for your organization, and acquire firm wide acceptance.


Set up your entire data engineering architecture.

Computing on the cloud has shifted the skills necessary for software developers and system admins. Our cloud native developers have the skills needed for refactoring and repackaging systems and environments to help our clients take advantage of the “cloud.”


Manage your cloud environment

Today’s fast changing business culture commands innovation and speed. Cloud native applications can be easier to manage than the traditional applications. By containing individual microservices, continuously adding new features.

Upgrades and refinements can be done without disruption to the end user or downtime.

Transform your business

Why should you let Metrix Systems modernize/containerize your back-end code and help you make the transition to cloud native? Because the difference this makes can go beyond transforming your software delivery to transforming your entire business...

  • Reduce Costs
  • Improve productivity
  • Optimize Operations
  • Gain stability, security and reliability
  • Enjoy unlimited scalability

Let’s Get the Conversation Started

If you’re ready to modernize your app’s coding and start experiencing all of the many benefits that containerization and a cloud-native approach bring, Metrix Systems is here to help you make it happen. Simply fill out the form below to schedule a time to discuss your needs.