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Creating a rich restaurant experience inside any venue, from any customer device

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POSPAY wanted to create a seamless location based ordering experience mobile app for customers at restaurants and festivals by providing them with a unique way to order food and beverages at an indoor venue. Metrix Systems created a system (Android & iOS) that uses bluetooth beacons to geographically position itself in a venue and present customers with a branded venue experience where they can purchase items and have them delivered without needing to interact with staff.

After having served in hospitality and events for many years, POSPAY co-founder Blake McIntyre saw a unique opportunity to create a platform that would serve as a clean and easy way for customers and venues to simplify and speed up the ordering and delivery of food using the bluetooth beacons that were becoming easily available.


POSPAY knew the timing was right with the rise of IoT (Internet of Things), specifically with the new location beacons that were currently being used. No company had ever used them with the degree of accuracy needed to pinpoint and reliably deliver a customer their order.

To stand out in a saturated marketplace and create a revolutionary system that venues could truly rely on, POSPAY began searching for the right development partner. Blake McIntyre, said “We knew we had to build something that could not only locate the customer, but also do all the back-office work, handle loads of real-time orders and require no assistance from venue staff other than the delivery of food.”  

In McIntyre’s search, he came across Metrix Systems and after a brief discussion with them, immediately felt comfortable with their expertise. “While most of the teams we were considering were local to us here in Sydney (Australia), there weren’t any that impressed us nearly as much as Metrix Systems did. They just got it, and were confident so we chose them.”


Metrix Systems got to work researching the best way to achieve what POSPAY was trying to reliably do. They ended up using a hybrid of beacon, GPS and indoor landmarks to accurately pinpoint a customer on a venue map. They created the mockups and visuals that brought McIntyre’s vision to life. It was clear to everyone that this product would be revolutionary.

Once the technology was in place and the designs approved, Metrix Systems built the three components that make up the POSPAY platform:

  • Administrative Backend - A dynamic dashboard that contains detailed analytics and controls for any manager or brand manager to log into.  A comprehensive set of roles and permission were also built to allow branch managers to manage multiple venue at a time.

  • Tablet Application for Venues - A simple-to-use tablet application that makes it easy for any venue to assign orders to be made and then send them out for distribution. This also contains a map of where customers are located inside the venue.

  • Mobile Consumer App - This Android/iOS application allows any consumers to enter a POSPAY venue and order from wherever they are. By the pool, playing a slot machine or seated at a show.

This comprehensive set of tools was delivered on-time, and on-budget and resulted in a happy customer.


“I first showed a live working demo to one of the largest Casinos here in Sydney. They were absolutely blown away by the technology.”

POSPAY is already starting to work with major Casinos, stadiums and event venues in Sydney and their vision of seamless indoor service is coming to life.

Here are some of the benefits  the POSPAY platform provides

  • Customers can order from their seats – Customers open the app, and easily order without ever missing a moment. Their credit card information can be stored on file, or used one time.

  • Servers find customers with ease – The Bluetooth beacons pinpoint customers in a venue of any size and servers can easily find them using the tablet application.

  • Managers analyze the data – The comprehensive set of analytics that are collected makes it easy for any manager or branch manager to see what customers are ordering, where they’re ordering it from, and basic demographic information about who their customers are.

“I love working with Metrix Systems. They’ve built an amazing platform for us for Android, iOS and web that is revolutionising the way people order within venues.  I would highly recommend them to anyone considering building a complex platform that has no room for compromise.”





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