Rock Box

D Riggs

Rockbox Media (Founder, CEO)

My traffic arbitrage business requires landing pages and video be served to 100K+ users/day. I wanted a video content platform that's fast, scales, and is easy to deploy across multiple campaigns. Given the short-lived nature of affiliate offers, sometimes I need entirely new video formats and content to be deployed on new domains/pages/IPs within minutes.

Metrix Systems came through and then some. Not only is server capacity no longer an issue, but the video pages load FAST - which is super important considering a 100ms page load difference makes a measurable difference in conversion. Building my campaigns is dead simple too. I have non-technical employees configure the video applications through the CMS without needing any assistance.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Metrix to anyone who needs a fast, easy-to-manage video platform for online applications.


K. McCarrick

SecoSys (Founder, CEO)

I really appreciate the confidence with which they approach a project. I feel very confident that their guidance is well-informed and at the forefront of web-development. The responsive sites take adjusting to, but when you look at what is happening in the world of tech and current web-design, it's obvious that's where it's going and I'm glad I listened to them.

Because their Platform Xano isn't as simple as "Drag and Drop" kind of system (the template kind you find online), I was worried I would get nickel and dimed to death every time I wanted to just change a picture out, or rewrite a sentence. So far they have been very helpful with small changes, and have helped me learn how to do things on my own where possible.

They are very easy to work with, even for tech challenged people, and I highly recommend their work.


P. Chandran

Zabinet (Founder, CEO)

My favorite part is knowing that Metrix Systems can build literally anything I can think of. I've thought of one obscure product feature after another and somehow the team pulls out a way to do it in a quick and efficient way.

I didn't really have any fears about working with MetrixSystems. I've known and worked with their CTO (Sean) before at Google for many years and knew that I'd be working with one of the best technical minds there is.

If you have a product idea or a software product to build, there is nothing that Metrix Systems can't build for you quickly at a completely reasonable rate. They've been developing products for close to a decade now so have a process and their own development platform to give them an advantage over any other company. Signing on to do a project with Metrix Systems means you are guaranteed going to save time and money and the best part is you won't sacrifice quality.


J. Morot

HHL (founder / CEO)

We have been fortunate enough to have a long lasting relationship with this team.

The relationship we have fostered is unconditional. One of our many reasons is that our vision and execution have been carried out.

The Metrix team is like your extended family, you can accomplish anything you visualize.


B. Bekian

Spotburner & Loyal Studios (President)

I like working with Metrix Systems because I appreciate a strong local team that is more capable than any other web designer I have used so far.

I recommend Metrix Systems for any web design or functionality work. Their team understands the latest algorithms and web technology and their work is superior.

I would be happy to discuss any questions a potential client of Metrix Systems has in respect to their work. I endorse them 100%.


R. Frounjian

Silvex (CEO)

We brought someone on board and they spent two years without delivering a finished product.

I was worried of not being able to build the product we wanted, and disappoint our investors. Thankfully I was introduced to Metrix Systems.

They created exactly what I needed. They made it happen!

Skweez Media

J. Kirby

Skweez Media (founder, CEO

Support, competence, and reliability.

We brought someone on board and they spent two years without delivering a finished product. My fear was not being able to build the product we wanted, and disappoint our investors. That fear did not come true because Metrix came to the rescue. Metrix delivered our product in about one month; far faster than I would have ever imagined.

Well, I have already recommended my friend. I have seen the work you have done for him. I would have no problem recommending Metrix. In my opinion, Metrix is the best. I know the job will be done on time and done well.

VK98 Inc

D. Romaine

VK98 Inc. (President)

Knowledge and expertise in specific business I was entering. Web site development was fast, well designed, fairly priced. Any questions quickly answered and access to management via phone/email was a plus.

The ability to reach decision maker directly. Time spent with executive level which provided me with guidance and advice regarding my business.

The flexibility to deal with me personally given my way of doing business.

Afrikan Dust Media

S. Mukuna

Afrikan Dust Media (CEO)

Our biggest fear with working with Metrix Systems and their award winning software platform (MetrixStream) was that we had never met them in person and that we were in a different time zone 10 hours ahead so that presented some logistical problems for us. However those fears were unfounded, the Metrix Systems team eased our fears by delivering on the website and also were quite responsive to our needs even though we were in different time zones.

I enjoyed creating our website with a team I had never met but who were passionate and knowledge about online video monetization. We operate in an environment where this kind of knowledge and passion is rarely seen so it was refreshing to work with them.

The team at Metrix provide a personalized service that makes creating online video & monetization easy and fun.


B. Bellion

Filmsoul (Founder)

My greatest fear was that MetrixSystems might take advantage of the fact that I have little technical knowledge. In the past I had a lot of bad experiences with companies regularly overcharging their services as there was no way for me to check the accuracy of it. I was lucky to have decided to work with MetrixSystems. They did not take advantage.

My favourite part of working with MetrixSystems was the regular update meetings. The interactions with the team have always been professional, constructive and fun. It was a delight to see how dedicated the team was. They brought own ideas to the project and excelled by “thinking out of the box.”

If I was to recommend MetrixSystems to my best friend, I would tell him: “Work with them because they are dedicated, honest and creative. You cannot find better state of the art professionals.”


V. Poladian

Newzips (Founder)

The end results were AMAZING! What I truly love about their team is that they adapt to make sure I got what I wanted with as little delays as possible.

Totally awesome customer service, awesome human beings to talk to, and awesome sense of humor. They really try to with within your budget. Small budget or Enterprise, they want to see your ideas and dreams become reality and successful.

If you’re into your own custom software and dependability, then you can’t go wrong with Metrix Systems.


Dr. G Adomian

DDS (President)

Metrix Systems was more than competent and willing to go through step by step what was being done on their end to put my business “on the map” and to make sure that my ranking improved every quarter.

Customer service and personal attention are paramount when selecting a company that will handle all your IT and marketing needs. Metrix Systems exceeded my expectations in this regard. I especially enjoyed and appreciated our weekly meetings where we were able to review my growth on the internet and I was able to provide my input to these experts.

As a business owner looking to find new vendors and services to help your business grow, you have to put your trust in people and their and almost do it blindly at the beginning of the relationship. The attention to detail and overall amazing customer service really made this process as seamless as possible. You really do get the feeling that you have been doing business together forever.

Team up with Metrix Systems and take your project to the next level!